Thursday, April 23, 2015

LM358 How's Its works and How to make different sensor using LM358 , Arduino and Labview.

This video explains how lm358 works

block diagram for the LM358 and arduino

How to make a fire or flame detector

How to make light sensor using LDR

How to make light sensor using Photo Diode

Download Labview files form the link Labview VI

This post explains the very basic LM358 OP-Am which is widely used as a comparator, this post gives overall idea of how an OP-Am works as a comparator, How it can be used to make many sensors using this principle. All the vi for the circuit can download from the above link. you can use this to make a battery tester too. Everything has explained in the video, some of the missing circuit diagram can find in the video. 


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