Friday, April 24, 2015


Would you like to control your electrical devices (minimum devices upto 9) without spending much and not using microcontrollers? Here we go , this is a perfect solution for someone who love to turn On and Off some of your electrical devices from your chair through your android mobile. all you have to do is buy a esp8266 wifi module from the ai-thinker which preloaded with the firmwire and it comes with an android application which we can use to control the wifi module. 

If you don't have the ai-thinker android app click this link here to download the app.

Here's the block diagram for the Home automation circuit 

Refer the above video which is pretty much similar you can understand from it. 

This project is really a easy to do and fun simple home automation, where you can control your electrical devices from through your android mobile. It has not involved any programming or complex circuit to make the device get working. a simple plug and play hardware can be used to make it work. This is really cheap you don't need to spend more than $20 to control some electrical devices. Have fun and get started. 


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