Saturday, January 17, 2015

Select Actuator/Motor For your Machine design Using LabVIEW and SolidWorks

Here's the detail Video explanation about How to select motor for your New Machine design using Labview , SoftMotion and SolidWorks. 

Most of the Mechatronics or Mechanical Machines involves Motor to operate, in such cases it is difficult to select appropriate motor for the new design. Mostly motor selected after the Manufacturing of the Machine. 

LabVIEW and Solidworks collaborated to find a solution for this problem and come with a solution with the toolkit SoftMotion which collects data from Solidworks and interpret in LabVIEW with the data's collected from SolidWorks Its possible find the time to complete a task and able to find the appropriate torque that is required to move in certain axis. 

Download Labview Files from Here

Solidworks Assembly file can be find in the SoftMotion example Folder.


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