Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to Make a Voice Control Robot Using Arduino and Labview.

This project make use of the windows speech recognition, Given commands are converted into strings and check with the existing stored commands, If the command matches with the stored commands It executes certain function that assigned to that particular command.

This video explains How to make a voice control robot , its very simple and easy to do robot, you don't need complicated wireless circuits to make this robot works. this project make use of an RF wireless module which is available everywhere and cheap to use.

This project does not need any extra module installed to the laview, this project make use of the available windows speech recognition and easy to use.

for better results, take a speech recognition training with your system which makes it easy for the system to understand non native speakers and gives better result

For Circuit diagram and components requirements check the below link.

Labview File for Linx can be downloaded from here:

Labview File for Lifa can be downloaded from here:


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