Saturday, December 27, 2014

Non Contact Water level controller using Arduino and LabVIEW

This project represents the water tank depth sensor system design for measurement of water level using arudino and LabVIEW software. Here we used a ultrasonic sensor to measure the water depth, and from that measurement it calculates how full the tank is. This sensor switches ON the pump when the water level in the tank goes low and switches it OFF as soon as the water level reaches a predetermined level. The ultrasonic sensor connected to the arduino board as a input signal. The Arduino then reads the height of the water and reports the depth of the tank. The same program is interfaced with labview and in the front panel of labview which we can visually see the level of water tank and how the motor is ON and OFF depend on the water level requirement.

Labview file can be download from here

check out this link for arduino controlled water level controller without labview here

Monday, December 22, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Hi all , are you looking to control your tank water level automatically here's the post for you, how can water level be controlled automatically?
There are many ways by using a float sensor to determine the water level, or using probes to detect peak and low level in the tank.

How to measure water level without using probe or contacting with water?

yeah there is a way just using a Ultrasonic sensor, this is very simple where the level of water is measured using ultrasonic sensor which gives the depth , by determining the tank depth we can set the maximum and minimum level 

circuit diagram shown in the above fritzing, where it uses only two components, one is HC-SR 04 ultrasonic sensor and relay controller, relay controller is connected to the motor. 

Components required

HC-SR 04

Arduino Program

 HC-SR04 Ping distance sensor:
 VCC to arduino 5v 
 GND to arduino GND
 Echo to Arduino pin 9 
 Trig to Arduino pin 8*/
#define echopin  9 // echo pin
#define trigpin 8 // Trigger pin

int maximumRange = 50;
long duration, distance;

void setup() {
  Serial.begin (9600);
  pinMode (trigpin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (echopin, INPUT );
  pinMode (4, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (13,OUTPUT);
void loop ()
    duration=pulseIn (echopin,HIGH);
    distance= duration/58.2;
    delay (50);
 if (distance >= 25 ){
   digitalWrite (4,HIGH);
   digitalWrite (13,HIGH);
 else if (distance <=10) {
   digitalWrite (4,LOW);
   digitalWrite (13,LOW);

give the distance according to your specification, I've used a small bucket where 25 is the minimum level to turn ON the motor and if the water level reaches a distance of 10cm or lesser than that the motor automatically stops.

If you want to add an LCD to this device to indicate water level check this link here

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Receive SMS when there's a GAS leakage using SIM900A GSM module and Arduino

If you want to receive information about gas leakage when you are at home or office, this project is for you. the above fritzing explains how to interface (connect) GSM module (SIM900A) to arduino, the program is really simple , when the sensor receives a gas emission , it sends input to the arduino and arduino push the code for sending message to SIM900A, which then send you stored message to the number given to the program.

Components Required

GSM shield
Gas detection sensor module


Arduino Program:

int PIN = 7;// attach gas sensor to pin 7
int sensor = 0;

void setup()
pinMode (PIN,INPUT);
Serial.begin(9600); // gsm baud rate
void loop()
sensor = digitalRead (PIN); // read whether gas is presented or not
if (sensor == HIGH){   // if gas is presented send a message
Serial.println("AT+CMGF=1"); // send SMS in text mode
Serial.println("AT+CMGS=\"+919962\""); //CHANGE TO Number , you'd like to receive message
Serial.print("Gas Leakage at HOME (attention required)"); // content of the message
Serial.write(26); // ctrl+z ASCII code
delay(300000); // Wait for 5 minutes before next reading


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Turn On AC Lights and Fan by clapping using Arduino

How to make a clap switch??  It's really easy to make AC appliances work just by  snap or clap, be careful when you are using AC appliances , if you are novice please don't try this without understanding some basic stuff about electronics.

Arduino Program:

int Torelay = 8;       // signal to drive relay
int soundsensor = 7;   // input from sound sensor

boolean state = false;

void setup()
  pinMode(Torelay, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(soundsensor, INPUT);

void loop()
  if (digitalRead(soundsensor) == LOW)
    state = !state;              
    digitalWrite(Torelay, state);  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Virtual Prototyping in Solidworks and LabVIEW

The above video explains about how to use solidworks and LabVIEW for real time simulation,  real time machining operation can be done using these soft-wares. Unlike other simulators that is inbuilt with many CAD software , this can be used for real time testing of new machine design and the same program can be used physical machining process with the help of labview hardware resources that is available with labview. 

CAD files and labview files can be download from the below link:



Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to Make a Voice Control Robot Using Arduino and Labview.

This project make use of the windows speech recognition, Given commands are converted into strings and check with the existing stored commands, If the command matches with the stored commands It executes certain function that assigned to that particular command.

This video explains How to make a voice control robot , its very simple and easy to do robot, you don't need complicated wireless circuits to make this robot works. this project make use of an RF wireless module which is available everywhere and cheap to use.

This project does not need any extra module installed to the laview, this project make use of the available windows speech recognition and easy to use.

for better results, take a speech recognition training with your system which makes it easy for the system to understand non native speakers and gives better result

For Circuit diagram and components requirements check the below link.

Labview File for Linx can be downloaded from here:

Labview File for Lifa can be downloaded from here:

Monday, October 20, 2014

How to interface arduino, Labview and solidworks

Use Labview 2014 and Softmotion 2014 for best results.

There were some problem with Labview 2013 and softmotion 2013, Many users were complaint about there is an error and not showing toolkit in the labview, for better results use the latest NI labview and softmotion. It is available in the NI website for trail.

Solidworks, Labview files are available in the below link

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Simple Fire Detection and alarm using labview and arduino

Required Components:
Photo diode ( IR receiver )
LM 385 (operational Amplifier )
Resistor 2 x 10k ohms
Potentiometer  10k ohms
connecting wires

Labview File and Fritzing can be downloaded from the link below :

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

RF control Wireless Robot Using Labview and Arduino

The above fritzing is for RF Transmitter

Required components for Transmitter:

HT12E (Encoder)
RF Transmitter (I used ASK Transceiver)
Resistor 1 Mega Ohm
Arduino :)

Required components for Receiver

HT12D (Decoder)
L293D (Motor Driver)
RF Receiver
1 Meg Ohm Resistor

 Required Components For the Robot

connecting wires

Labview Vi and Fritzing files can be downloaded from the link.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Controlling relay using Arduino and Labview

The above fritzing uses a 5v relay , If you are using a 12v relay you need to connect an external supply for powering the relay.

This is the simple relay control operation, where the control can be feed to the arduino by using Labview frontpanel, This example uses 3 DC motor to represent switching ON and OFF of motor, this same program can be used to control many application for switching and a timer can be added for controlling timed control applications. The above circuit can be modified for the controlling of AC circuits too, be cautious when connecting with AC circuit, use AC circuit only when needed.

Labview VI can be downloaded from here :

How to connect Labview and Soliworks

This video's about interfacing NI labview with SolidWorks.

You need NI labview, NI softmotion and solidworks with Motion analysis to successfully do this testing on your own.

More details are included in the video check it out and share your thoughts.

If you are looking for a detail video about how to interface solidworks and labview, you are on the right blog, this video has included all the details about how to interface these softwares. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Robot Kinematics Using Labview, Solidworks and Arduino

Virtual prototype of LR Mate 200ic

This project uses solidworks, labview, softmotion and arduino.

CAD model is created with help of SoldiWorks, Labview used for creating control singnals, Softmotion used for interfacing LabView and Solidworks, Arduino is used for position command by the user, This video is particularly analyzes the inverse kinematics for the robot. 

This video made by interfacing labview solidworks and arduino. check the blog about how to interface labview arduino and solidworks.

Entire files can be downloaded here :

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Automatic Light control using Labview and arduino

This project is about automatically turning on LED's , when the light intensity goes low. It uses a LDR, 10k , 220 ohm resistors, and arduino uno .

A very simple Easy to do automatic light controller in Labview , LDR connected to arduino and LDR reading are fed to Labview and can find the intensity of light, If the light intensity goes below the set level all the lights turned ON and Turn OFF if the intensity level is HIGH.

The above fritzing shows how the connection are established between arduino and the other components. 

Labview program for LIFA :

Labview Program for LINX

The VI's for LabVIEW can be downloaded from the above links.

Virtual Prototyping And Real Time Testing

This project is about virtual prototyping and testing of the product using LabVIEW, SoftMotion, SolidWorks and Arduino

If you don't have time to test products in real time , Virtual prototyping is the answer for you, with the help of labview Softmotion its possible to interface solidworks and labview, by interfacing labview and solidworks , real time testing can be done in the virtual environment by applying the required parameters to the labview block diagram.

accurate motor calculation is possible with labview and solidworks.

If you are building a new product , before going for a physical prototype , interference between mechanical design can be resolved, accurate motion timing can be calculate with the help of softmotion.

If you are a product developer and use SolidWorks for your design, then you should contact LabVIEW for a checkout to look into SoftMotion.

It saves much time for machine builders, solving many problems that can occur in Inter engineering products example a mechatronics system.

Labview files :

SolidWorks Assembly files:

Friday, September 12, 2014

DC Motor Control by LabVIEW

This Video's about controlling a DC motor from LabVIEW

The above video explains how to control DC motor with the help of arduino and labview, its possible to control 2 motors using L293D Motor IC, by using this motor driver we can control motor in 2 direction and speed of the motor can be controlled by connecting pwm pin of the arduino to the enable pin of the motor IC. 


Little Programming experience using LabVIEW

Understanding Electronics circuits 

circuit diagram for controlling DC motor
The above circuit uses the L293D IC for controlling a DC motor. It's possible to control two DC motor with the help of L293D IC

Complete file can be downloaded from here. 

Arduino Linx file can be downloaded from here